Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, our most common questions are answered right here. You may also reach us directly through our Contact page.

Q: Where do I begin? 

You’re in the right place! Let’s get the conversation started about assisted living. We are here to help.

Q: Where is Waterford Gardens located?

Waterford Gardens Assisted Living is located in Mission, Texas, where we enjoy year-round tropical weather in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley.

Q: Is assisted living affordable?

Of the three alternatives that seniors have for care: assisted living, nursing home or 24 hour care at home, assisted living is the most affordable option.

Q: Does Waterford Gardens provide 24 hour care?

Yes, Waterford Gardens provides 24 hour care and supervision. We provide care to residents with a wide range of diagnosis, including neurological diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or strokes. We help those in need with cardiac diseases such as congestive heart failure, respiratory diseases such as COPD. We offer care for those with vision issues such as macular degeneration, balance/vertigo issues and orthopedic post surgeries such as knee replacements, fractured hips and much more.

Q: Do you allow guests with walkers, wheelchairs or motorscooters?

Yes, we’ll even keep their wheels clean.

Q: Are meals provided?

Amazing breakfast, lunch and dinner services with 3 chef-prepared meals daily.

Q: Do you offer age appropriate activities?

Yes, our residents enjoy endless activities, meals and outings including daily exercise in the patio, gardening, jewelry making, movies under the stars, sewing class and so much more.

Q: Are utilities included in the monthly cost?

All utilities are included in the monthly fee, including cable & wi-fi. Guests also enjoy our around-the-clock complimentary laundry service. A shared community phone line is also provided. Residents may opt for a private line in their bedroom at an additional cost.

Q: Do you allow short-term stays?

Yes, we welcome guests to stay overnight, for the weekend or next week! We’re here to help. Guests can enjoy all of our amenities in a gracious, home-style environment.

Q: Is long term care insurance accepted?

Yes! Long term care insurance is now accepted.

Q: What is the average cost?

Total cost is determined by room type + level of care. Average cost is between $4.65-$6.40 per hour, all-inclusive.

Q: Other than the base monthly service rate and monthly care fees, are there other one-time or recurring fees? 

Waterford Gardens Assisted Living does not require an endowment. However, to ensure and prepare the apartment before moving in, a one-time usage fee of $500 is required.

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